General Product Specifications

Material: All frames shall be made of 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy with tensile strength of not less than 22,000 pounds per square inch.  All members shall not have less than .062 inches in wall thickness. Depth of frame shall be not less than 3” (76mm).

Construction and hardware: Available upon request. Refer to drawing for details

Finish: Before assembly all exposed aluminum members shall be chemically degreased, etched and painted using first quality thermosetting TGIC electrostatic powder coating. White, bronze or almond furnished as standard colors.  Special color and textured powder coatings available at additional cost. Valwood is an exclusive finished from Valcor where aluminum looks like wood, 4 colors available at extra cost.

Glass:  When applicable, glass shall be 1/4” thick annealed; clear, bronze,  gray  and bluegreen tints are standard. Unless otherwise specified, safety glass, whenever required, shall be either ¼” laminated or ¼” tempered glass as per Valcor prerogative. Other option available at extra cost  such as tempered, laminated , and  impact  glass of  9/16” .

Weather-stripping:  Woolpile or vynil  seals used in special recesses elements in extruded members. Application will vary based on product. Referred to drawing for details.

Screens: When specified, windows shall be provided with insect or plastic screens.  Screen frames shall be extruded with a section of 1” x 7/16” and assembled with special aluminum or nylon corner locks. Screen cloth shall be charcoal colored fiberglass mesh, or clear plastic (for a/c rooms) as selected.  Screens shall be secured to frames without the use of fasteners, but by sliping and sliding up into specially extruded screen installation quides already incorporated in the window frame extrusion. NOT AVAILABLE IN ALL PRODUCTS.